Pengu Wars

Pengu Wars

Aim the flying penguins so you can knock down the enemy fish thieves
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Aim the flying penguins so you can knock down the enemy fish thieves. You need to help a group of penguins save their fish from fish thieves. There are three thieves that steal the fish; they are a walrus, a mean penguin and a polar bear. These three thieves stand on different objects like poles or blocks of ice, or even on the ground. Your goal is to knock them down so that they do not steal any more fish. To do this you need to aim and shoot penguins thorough a type of catapult mechanism. You can modify the angle of the shoot, which is marked by a dotted line. This helps you aim better.

Once you pass the different levels, you go on to another location on the map. The different locations are on the island you need to help save the fish on. There are ten different levels for you to pass. This game is great for little children, but not so much for adults; since it can become monotonous after a while. However, it is good for helping children understand the concept of angles better, and actually putting it into practice.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • It's great for kids


  • Sometimes the penguins will shoot without you actually shooting it
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